VDSS Records FAQ:

-What is “VDSS Records”?

“VDSS Records” is a label that produce only stuff that has been recorded in our studio.

-Why such a limitation?

Because we want to work only with people that we love and who believe in our choices in terms of sound.  Those ones we helped achieving a great sounding record. In our experience, we’ve met bands that we liked either on stage and from a human point of view, but (what we do is recording, so) we care about records and we know that if you want something you’ll love, then you have to do it with the right people.

-I have recorded a great sounding album in another studio but i love “VDSS Records”. Can I give it a shot and send it to you?

Sure, you can send it to us, but it won’t be released by our label.

-Don’t you think that this policy is a bit too cocky and crook?

Yes, but unfortunately we are just like that, which also confirms that we are not the right label for you.

-Now I got it. What should I do in order to book a recording session in your studio?

First of all visit our website: www.vdssrecordingandmasteringonline.it. If you like our stance, and you think we could help you reaching a great sound, email us and see how is our schedule. We’ll be more than happy to get in touch with you.


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